5 Star home magic shows

The Bath Magician – Grant Maidment is now offering a new and exciting, 5 star “home” magic show for your family or friends to enjoy.

The show is perfect for up to 5 people and adheres to the current government guidelines.

What do you receive?

  • A 30 minute socially distanced magic show for everyone to enjoy together.
  • An amazing and visual show with comedy and lots of moments of magic.
  • Time for questions and stories after the show, plus encores.
  • Up to an hour of fascinating entertainment.
  • Get the VIP treatment.
  • Watch from your dining room table or the comfort of your sofa.

We know what you are thinking – if it is VIP it must be expensive… well, think again!

The show is very affordable, even more so, if the price is split between 5 people.

Grant’s main aim is to spread as much joy as possible, to see out 2020 and to look forward to more positive times.

The show is perfect for:

  • Christmas
  • Family time
  • Friends
  • Couples
  • Nights in
  • Themed events
  • Dinner Parties
  • Laughter
  • Fun
  • Excitement
  • Cheering yourself up

Contact Grant now to see how affordable this VIP experience really is???

Get the VIP treatment without leaving your house!