Hello From San Francisco!

The life of a Magician can often be challenging. Lots of hours on the road, late nights, unsociable hours and time away from family and friends!

However, it is all worth it when you receive emails like the one below. There is no better feeling in the world when you know you have made the difference to someone’s experience and created a lasting memory of wonder and fun!

Job Satisfaction through the roof! I love sharing my Magic:

Hello Grant, It was great meeting you at The Luttrell Arms in Dunster! I have to say, your magic tricks made our last evening in England!! Evan and Ella (and us as well!) couldn’t stop talking about your tricks.
We told our friends about you, and since it seems we’ll be staying at Knowle Manor near Dunster in two years time, we’re hoping that you would be able to do a magic show at the Manor for our group!  

Anyway, thank you again and please let us know if you ever come to SF. Otherwise we’ll be in touch again, hopefully in a couple of years. 🙂 

Roxy and Desmond

P.S. Here’s a fun photo!