Raising Awareness For Parkinson’s UK

Imagine not being able to move, sleep, or smile. Feeling anxious or depressed and struggling to think or remember. Your body not feeling like your own.

This is what Parkinson’s can feel like.

Every hour, someone in the UK is told they have Parkinson’s – a brain condition that turns lives upside down, leaving a future full of uncertainty.

On the 7th of October, Grant was delighted to perform at an event organised by Steve and Katrina Maxwell, who were raising money and awareness for Parkinson’s UK.

Their hard work and generosity will go a long way to help people who are affected by the condition, to stay in control of their lives.

Without the help of people like them, Parkinson’s UK’s work would not be possible. Supporters and volunteers are as vital to them as researchers and nurses.

Find out more about this wonderful charity here: www.parkinsons.org.uk/