Restaurant Magic is the Answer!

Restaurant Magic is a fantastic idea to add flair and style to an already thriving business.
Grant can interact with your customers whilst they wait for their food, presenting close up magic and illusions in a safe and entertaining way! This can really enhance their whole dining experience!
Grant’s unique performances will be a great talking point for your diners, something they will certainly tell their friends about. In turn, this will have people talking about your restaurant and make them want to visit again and again…
As well as building rapport with regulars, he also makes new visitors welcome and feel at ease.
A special treat for everyone!
There are so many great benefits to having a magician as a regular part of your front of house team.
  • More customers
  • More sales
  • More tips for staff,
  • Boosts moral,
  • Creates a talking point,
  • A special “extra” for birthdays and parties,
  • Superb atmosphere
  • The list goes on!


It can also be of great use when there is a long wait on orders, or inevitable delays.

Grant has worked at many restaurants over the years. The Luttrell Arms, A luxury hotel in Dunster, Minehead have some kind words on Grant’s entertainment below:
 “Grant is a wonderful performer – We have been working with Grant for 2 years now, he comes to the hotel regularly on Sundays to entertain our guests and he is a delight to have here! He is always cheerful and professional, the customers and staff love him.He is very personable and is brilliant at engaging the audience, similarly he is able to read people and knows when it is not appropriate to address a table who are deep in conversation or enjoying a meal.Grant is a great asset, he creates a fun, upbeat and positive atmosphere. He brings class and sophistication to events and is also fantastic at breaking the ice and helping groups to interact with one another. Guests often ask after him and we get a substantial amount of repeat customers who look forward to seeing him.We recommend Grant for a whole host of occasions from corporate events, birthday parties, weddings and anniversaries, the kids love him and he makes the rest of us feel young again!”Becca Way – Luttrell Arms Manager 

If you own a restaurant, hotel or pub and like the idea of adding this entertainment to your establishment, please feel free to get in touch to ARRANGE A TRIAL DATE soon and a meeting to discuss how his magic can fit within your style of service and restaurant values.
If you need something AMAZING and different – RESTAURANT MAGIC IS THE ANSWER!