The “right magician” for you!

Why choose The Bath Magician – Grant Maidment, to entertain at your next Wedding, Party or Event?

That’s a good question… It is so important to choose the right magician to suit you and your guests.

Find out below what makes Grant unique:

Magic Circle Member – Firstly, Grant is a member of the World Famous Magic Circle in London. This is an instant reassurance that he will be of a certain standard.

Sleight of hand artist – Grant blends sleight of hand, misdirection and psychological illusions to create stunning moments of “magic.” (This is the really jaw dropping stuff!!!)

Specialist Magician – Grant specialises in only “Close Up Magic” at Weddings, Parties and Events, which means you will be hiring an expert.

Full Time Professional – This is all Grant does to make a living – He won’t let you down.

Variety – Grant has a huge range of different pieces of magic including; cards, ropes, pens, rubber bands, mind illusions, and borrowed objects such as mobile phones, coins and finger rings!

Personality – Grant has a fun and engaging personality with an emphasis on making peoples day! Grant uses humour in his act to make people feel comfortable and does not take himself too seriously. Grant will make you the star! (rather than the butt of the joke)

Memorable Magic for all Ages – Grant is primarily an adult magician, but can perform for all ages with his family friendly act. He performs at over 100 weddings per year!

Natural Born Entertainer – The magic is performed in a funny and entertaining manner. It’s almost as if a friend you have known for years has suddenly become a wizard!

Improvisational – Through Grant’s experience, he often has the ability to improvise his act according to what people say. This makes every show different and unique. It also means he can really focus on the crowd and converse in some friendly banter.

Appearance – Well you can’t have everything… (Expect a youngish, charismatic chap in his 30’s. Smartly dressed, clean shaven and smelling like a meadow!)

Value for money – Grant is not the cheapest, but on the other hand, he is not the most expensive either. There are different packages to cater for most budgets.

So there you have it! If you think Grant is the right magician for you and your guests, contact him now.